A few words about our Basic Course

Our basic course leaves no stone un-turned. You will learn all about the different waxes, burn pool testing, equipment resources, technique and much much more.  My motto is simple...If you can make a cup of tea, you can make a scented soy container candle.  Its that easy!

Whilst you will have indepth easy to follow "How To" video demonstartion, you will also get a glimpse into the magical world of fragrance.  Our course promises to unearth the creative inside you.

Lifetime access to all course content and our exclusive Members Only Forum is where you can be inspired, share recipes, solve problems and immurse yourself in everything that surrounds elegant illumination and heavenly scent. Once you have mastered the art of candlemaking, why stop there?  Upgarde to our Deluxe Course to delve into everything that is fragrance, learn how to create and blend your own signature scents.

For a limited time you will get 3 months FREE of our fragrance of the month delivered to your door. This gives you 1 x 100ml bottle of our fragrance delivered to you door each month for 3 months, 100ml will make you 3 x 370ml candles (180 hrs of burn time)  absolutely FREE...

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Basic Course

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The sheer enjoyment of intoxicating scent is something that should be experienced everyday. It's a crime to reserve it just for special occasions. I love coming home kicking off my shoes, pouring a glass of wine, music playing in the background and lighting my scented candles in preparation of what to cook for the family meal. Without doubt the most favorite part of my day. Lighting my candles that is, we all have to eat wink

It's fair to say I've spent my entire life indulging my senses with beautiful candles from all over the world. You could say I have a fascination with fragrance and elegant illumination and this would be bang on! I am truly inspired by fragrance and the mood evoking spell that sumptuous fragrance create in the home. Simply Stunning!

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Why this course is different:

We teach you via personal video turtorials. Learn at your own pace and enjoy exclusive forum membership.

There is a plathora of information available on the market, some good and some not so good.  Whilst candle manufacturing is reasonally inxpensive, fragrance materials are not,  so its absolutely worth while to invest time, learn your craft and develop your skill as a chandler first and foremost. Our courses are designed to comprehensively provide you all the knowledge and give you access to reputable suppliers for all resources required no matter where you live in the world.


Basic candle making course is a 6 module course which will allow you to learn:

  • Comprehensive equipment list and product resources.
  • Different waxes and their features and benefits.
  • Burn pool and wick testing.
  • Easy and in-depth "How to Video Demonstration".
  • Glassware alternatives, lets get creative.
  • Ambiance... a closer look and "How to create".