Do you want to make your own aromatic candles?

The sheer enjoyment of intoxicating scent is something that should be experienced everyday. It's a crime to reserve it just for special occasions. I love coming home kicking off my shoes, pouring a glass of wine, music playing in the background and lighting my scented candles in preparation of what to cook for the family meal. Without doubt the most favorite part of my day. Lighting my candles that is, we all have to eat smiley

Think of fragrance as a way of communicating without words.  Fragrance is very powerful and its all around us. Think of restaurants, hotels, shopping malls or the scent of the one you love just to name a few and you will discover smells that either entice or repel you.  Fragrance is a huge business as it can make us think of something, feel a certain way, imagine and dream, yet it remains invisible.  Thats powerfull stuff!

Join our online Candle Making Master Class Course

This course is a self-study training programme via Video Modules - you will be able to study at your own pace and have lifetime access to all of the course content along with lifetime membership to the Curl Up Candle members only forum area, in here you can share recipes and ideas ask questions, solve problems or just keep in touch with like minded people. Downloadable PDF's will accomapny much of the course content keeping you abreast in detail of relevant information and also product resources.

Why Join Us

We will take you on a journey that will awaken the creative inside.  You will develop a good understanding of fragrance and the many different ways to harmoniously blend top mid and base notes.  This course will suit both a beginner or a trained aromatherapist, and anyone that has a passion for scent and home ambiance. We will teach you the technique and equipment required to turn your favorite bespoke scents into a wonderful creation that you can either enjoy for ones self or monetise your creations and develop into a business.

The journey begins here...why wait? Learn the art to create ambiance everyday from wherever you are in the world.


The Art to Create Ambiance Everyday Starts Here!

  • How to Create Everyday Ambiance at a third the cost of retail and indulge without the heavy price tag
  • Fragrance blending secrets -Top-Mid-Base note blending guidelines that creators never want to share
  • Top of the line product sourcing -  worldwide for all  supplies. Wicks, Wax, Fragrance & Glassware
  • Detailed easy to follow training in how to make  scented container candles, including equipment
  • In depth trouble shooting -  things that can and do go wrong and how to fix them easily
  • Glassware alternatives, Wax types/uses, Wick Testing, how to achieve optimum scent throw
  • Home styling -  how best to show off your creations  that will leave your house guests in awe
  • Fragrance personalities - learn how to place your different fragrances, allowing them all to shine
  • Secret recipes - my personal tips on how to create proven winners that will make you feel proud
  • Sales & Marketing techniques - packaging & Labels - price point and where to sell your creations
  • Lifetime membership to the "Curl Up Candles Club" - enjoy product updates, shared ideas & more