A few words about Candle Of The Month

The sheer enjoyment of intoxicating scent is something that should be experienced everyday. It's a crime to reserve it just for special occasions. I love coming home kicking off my shoes, pouring a glass of wine, music playing in the background and lighting my scented candles in preparation of what to cook for the family meal. Without doubt the most favorite part of my day. Lighting my candles that is, we all have to eat smiley

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Candle Of The Month

Subscription based membership to the Curl Up Candles candle of the month.

Perhaps you've masterd the craft of making a container candle but are wanting an easy, cost effective solution to add variety to your fragrance library.  We have you covered... Simply join our subscription based programme and you will be sent a 12.5oz candle every month. Each candle represents approximately 60hrs of burn time.

This is fantastic value and an easy alternative to keep your home smelling beautiful. Who knows it may even spur you on and provide the confidence for you to make your own fragranced candles when your ready.

The fragrance of the month will always be a new Curl Up Candle creation and occasionally it may be a recipe submitted from the very talents of one of the existing course members that has entered into our regular competitions to showcase their fragrance.

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