A few words about our Deluxe Course

The deluxe course is for all lovers of elegant illumination and a passion for perfume.  Without doubt a beautiful fragrance is the most compelling aspect for all candle makers.  A beautiful fragrance has the power to evoke memories, influence buying habits, or take you on a journey to a special place in time.  It restores balance, creates a calm and just makes you feel alive.

Our deluxe course in addition to all modules available in our basic candle making course, will delve into the world of perfume, how its created, the language behind scent, compositions that work and a basic tool kit for success as a beginner in blending your own unique signature scents.

This course represents outstanding value for anyone interested in becoming a serious hobbiest or manufacturer of decadent scented container candles.

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Deluxe Course

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Travel through your course content at your own pace.  This is a journey to savor and enjoy.  You will have lifetime access to all course content and be able to share your thoughts, questions and any inspirations with other like minded forum members.  We will hold regular contests, share recipes, stories to inspire and much much more.

It has often been percieved that you must have a science degree to indulge in the art of creating fragrance... It is of my opinion that often a scientific edge can be an obstacle in the creativity required to create beautiful scent.  Whilst there are some guidelines and formulas to assist you, really the only thing you need to develop is your nose and your sense of smell.  Understand how to describe fragrance and this will be the essential tool that will assist your creative journey.

Join us today!  The journey and art to create ambiance everyday starts here...

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We teach you via personal video turtorials. Learn at your own pace and enjoy exclusive forum membership.

There is a plathora of information available on the market, some good and some not so good.  Whilst candle manufacturing is reasonally inxpensive, fragrance materials are not,  so its absolutely worth while to invest time, learn your craft and develop your skill as a chandler first and foremost. Our courses are designed to comprehensively provide you all the knowledge and give you access to reputable suppliers for all resources required no matter where you live in the world.


Deluxe candle making course is a 10 video module course which will allow you to learn:

  • Equiment and Resources
  • Glassware alternatives, lets get creative.
  • Burn pool and wick testing...Very Important.
  • Waxes used in professional candle making...In-depth look!
  • Easy to follow "How to demonstration" 101
  • Ambiance defined...What is ambiance to you?
  • Fragrance blending eqipment and resources.
  • How to blend fragrance and create your own scent.
  • Describing fragrance and understanding the language.
  • Bloopers - behind the scene, wacko moments with Nicole.