Burn tips: Trim wick before use and allow enough time for your candle to liquify to the outer edge before extinguishing. This process takes approximately 3 hrs each burn cycle.



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Usage: Home Fragrance - Strong Hot & Cold scent throw. All prices are NZD

Price: $47.00

Size : 370 g

Description: Number 62! Lola...she personifies calm, beauty and elegance. A gentle aromatic fragrance that clears the mind body and soul. A trouble shared is a trouble halved and Miss Lola will definitely restore balance in all proportions. A lovely gift for anyone in need of a smile, a hug or simply a great night sleep.

Ideal location: Invigorate or create, calm and d-stress...this fragrance will restore balance and harmony, and induce calm and quiet within.

Duration & Safety: Always burn candle on a safe heat resistant surface and never burn candle in a direct draft unless its manufactured for outdoor use.  Never leave a candle burning unattended. ENJOY!
Approximately 60 Hrs ( Ambient room temperature will alter burn time )

Size / Weight /Ingredients: Candle holds approximately 370mls. Filled weight excluding packaging and lid is 630gms.
All our candles are made with premium pure natural soy wax and our wicks are all natural cotton. We do not use wicks impregnated with any artificial burning agents or metals.

Fragrance Notes

Crisp clean linen

Delicate sublte essence of spicy vanilla

Gorgeous and soul restoring Lavender