Curl Up Candles Step by Step Masterclass Series for those serious about learning "The Art to Create Ambiance Everyday"

Some people love art, some adore fashion, perhaps you're a foodie with a gourmet passion. But for me it's music, fragrance and elegant illumination, finished off with a beautiful bold shiraz all the way...smiley


" A great fragrance is like mixing the perfect cocktail of memories and emotions"


Well thats the short version anyway... Although I would not describe myself as a perfumista, I am fascinated by our sense of smell and how mixing several fragrant materials together can have such a profound effect on the psyche. Many fragrance enthusiasts can define exactly where their journey started, but for me it was a culmination of events and the quiet whispers of opportunity that whispered in my head to follow my nose as the cliche goes.

And so my journey began...I started making candles initially just as a hobby, with know traditional training in perfumery to begin with. This is a great way to start because I soon discovered that you can easily get confused with the plethora of information available (some good, some bad) that you can source via the internet and other resources. You dont want your creativity to get bogged down and in my humble opinion getting up close and personal with fragrance and building your fragrance library through training your nose is all that is initially required.

Friends and family would walk into my home and say, where did you get that heavenly candle where can I buy was with great delight that I would say, you cant, it's my fragrance, would you like me to make you one.  The floodgates of creativity were officially open, the plans, the dream and the vision emerged before my very eyes and Curl Up Candles was created.

Three years on and lots of fragrance training under my belt from an exceptional London based perfumer via emails and video tutorial, I'm finally ready to take my creations to the world...This was no accident and would not have been possible without the unwavering support and confidence from my husband Garry. It was actually his nose that first recognized I had a natural talent in blending fragrance.

So what are you waiting for...come and enjoy the journey with us!